I don't understand your subscription model, how does it work?

We're so glad you asked! We are trying to operate with as little waste as possible. By opting for a subscription, your coffee comes bi-weekly or monthly. 

If you live in Portland, OR, your coffee will come in a re-usable mason jar. Simply leave it out every other Monday and we'll swap an empty jar for a jar full of beans!

Unfortunately due to shipping costs, if you live outside of Portland, your coffee will come in a paper bag. We're working on a more sustainable way to get it to you!

Where do your beans come from?

The beans we use at House Cat Coffee are mostly from Colombia. We buy from micro-lot farmers meaning that the crop is compiled of a few neighboring farms compiled together. This results in fresher beans and knowing the individual farmers where the beans came from. 

Other questions not listed? Simply email info@housecatcoffee.com and we'll be happy to help you out. 

Can I order in bulk?

Of course! You're welcome to order as many bags as you desire, but if you're a coffee house or frequent consumer of coffee (more than 12 oz a week) contact us. We can talk through bulk pricing.